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Publications may be requested through Contacts, as available via publishing restrictions.

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Hardin, K.Y. (2015; Invited). Coming out of the dark (cover article).

A review of the evidence for how speech-language pathologists can support adults and children with mild TBI, with a particular focus on how concussion management has changed over time. 


Hardin, Black, Caldbick, Kelly, Malhotra, Tidd, Vallentin, & Turkstra. (2021). 

A study of expert SLPs and how they care for individuals with mild TBI (concussion). This paper is a roadmap for expert clinical care in cognitive-communication disorders in mild TBI.


Hardin & Kelly (2019). A descriptive presentation of how speech-language pathology services are offered in a interdisciplinary, center of excellence model. This paper addresses assessment and treatment practices as well as individual and group care considerations.

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