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Since 2004, I've been providing high quality speech therapy for individuals with TBI. Frequently clients feel misunderstood or dismissed, and so I use a coaching model, creating a two-way partnership keeping you in the driver's seat. The brain can change and heal at any point post-injury. You let me know where you are struggling, and we work together to figure out how to help. Because I teach and provide services, I know the current literature on what works for rehab, and importantly, what does not. Please reach out for a free consultation to see if I can provide the help you need.


Every concussion is different, but client many needs are the same: validation, understanding of the injury, and care directed at real-world challenges. Communication needs are often misunderstood and overlooked in mild TBI. Changes in memory, planning and organization are common and there is therapy for this! We will also work together to improve your independence with written and face-to-face communication.

Student Presentation


School is based on successful communication: reading, writing, and describing ideas. Equally important is the language of social communication - understanding cafeteria lingo and current TikTok trends. The data is clear that educators want to help students with TBI, but typically don't know how. I can provide both therapy services for school survival and advocacy to ensure your students has the supports they need.


Changes in communication occur after many types of neurologic disorders, not only concussion. As a former CU Medical School faculty member, trained at Craig Hospital, I have expertise in rehabilitation for moderate-severe TBIs and stroke. I also love working with less common diagnoses such as right hemisphere disorders and primary progressive aphasia, where it may be challenging to find an experienced clinician.

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Tattooed Man

D, Veteran & Engineer

You are an amazing person and I feel so blessed that you were chosen for the team to help me get my life back on track. Just know that you have impacted the lives of many vets and their families in more ways than what you completely or humbly realize.

Confident Female Doctor_edited.png

H, Rehab Professional

There aren't enough thank yous in the world!

Image by James Garcia

L, Teacher

Thank you so much for taking the time with me and explaining the ins and outs of my brain :) It was very helpful and you held a supportive space while doing so. Your explanation was so simple and clear.

Senior Woman

J, Speech-language pathologist

I can't think of enough words to thank you for your leadership, guidance & expertise of the impacts and needs of brain injury. I will never forget you and appreciate you so much.

Portrait of Mature Man

M, Father of College Student

We can't thank you enough for the support you provided [our daughter]. You understood what she needed, connected her to the right care team, and made us feel at ease.

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